Universal Market Initiatives

At Umi Capital Holding, we span a diverse range of sectors, including marketing, ecommerce, fintech, fashion, trade, medical and luxury tourism, and consulting.


UMI Capital Holding, also referred to as Universal Market Initiatives, is an organization that owns a diversified portfolio of companies, each leading in their respective global business verticals. These companies operate in various industries including PR & marketing, advertising, SaaS development, cross-border e-commerce, international trade, luxury tourism, and health tourism.

With a presence in both Turkey and the United States, UMI Capital Holding demonstrates expertise in investing, scaling businesses to millions, and crafting sustainable business models. Our comprehensive service offerings include investment management and investment consultancy, along with consultancy in real estate investment, and both commercial and residential land investment.



  1. Marketing House by Eyula
  2. Tedavi Tour
  3. Eselami
  4. Export Bureau
  5. Healiday
  6. MeteArms
  7. Pirikız